Saturday, March 15, 2008


There is a penny laying on the driveway. It has been there for months. Probably fell out of the car. I have asked the kids to please pick it up (it's too hard for me to bend over to pick stuff up), but they're not interested in a penny.

When I was their age (6-10-12) a penny was a find. You could take it to the drug store & buy an all day sucker, candy cigarettes, licorice bits, bubble gum, all kinds of 'penny' candy. For 5 pennies you could buy a whole roll of 'Necco' candies, or even a Hershey bar or a Three Muskateers. Back then a Three Muskateers had three pieces to it - one vanilla, one strawberry, & one chocolate, all chocolate covered. There would be rows & rows of candies to choose from & sometimes it was a agonizing decision, especially if you had only one penny. (I'm sure the grocery clerk dreaded to see a bunch of kids come in, each with a few pennies. It was probably a waste of his time to take care of us, but all the candy was in a case, only accessable from the back side)

Does anyone know where you can buy a piece of penny candy any more? Just one piece - not a whole bag full. We're too sophiscated & busy for that kind of stuff anymore. I guess that's what you call the good old days

Yesterday that penny was still out there, lonely, unwanted.


Sherry at the Zoo said...

I'm feeling very poot right now. I think I'll run right out and get that poor penny!

Kathy said...

Does Seth still like to ride the pony at the store? That is a penny. Or you could tell them they could pick it up and leave it on the pony for some small child to have a pony ride. Or put it in the fountain at the mall.

Carol said...

I think you can still buy penny candy, but it costs a nickel now!

I always find money on your driveway. This winter, I found $15 in the snow!

Even if those kids don't want the penny for money, they should still pick it up for good luck.

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Hey, just checking in. Can't get email to work, but I can get your blog - not sure why!

Sun is shining, wind is blowing, I can hear the ocean roar. Lots and lots and lots of flowers.

Kisses to the zoo.

Sherry at the Zoo said...

How's the zoo?