Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I cannot remember an Easter as early as 2008's Easter. But maybe I'm just forgetting. Used to be, when I was small, Easter came on a fairly warm day. We would go downtown to the sunrise service on the Circle (The hub of downtown Indy) for a 6:00 am service. I would wear my new easter dress (usually the only store bought dress I got for spring). I would have a new hat (with elastic under the chin), new shoes & maybe a new purse. (I always loved new purses & I still do). Sometimes I would sing in a children's choir through the church. (I always hated it when I had to wear my old winter coat over my new dress to keep warm).

It used to be a special time, one I looked forward to every year. When I grew to be one of the older children, we would meet our church friends at a downtown pancake place for breakfast, after the service.

At sometime (around WW2) the sunrise services were fazed out, partly because it was a lot of work for someone. But also, I suspect it was not politically correct to have a church service on city property. Too bad, as it was a time the whole city seemed to gather together for something meaningful. Of course I do know not every
one will agree with me, but I guess that's what makes life interesting.

Thoughts from Eleanor about Easter while freezing in the cold weather.


Sherry at the Zoo said...

Easter is early this year for sure, but I do know we have pictures of the kids doing their Easter egg hunts with winter coats on. Brrr.....

Kathy said...

Wasn't it rather cold last year for Easter? Maybe we will luck out and have a day like today.