Saturday, March 8, 2008

snow days

It snowed last night, about 1 - 2 inches. Today, saturday, a lot of activities were cancelled or set back 2 hours. Had it been a school day, a lot of schools whould have closed. (I did notice the basketball sectionals will go on as usual)

When I was school age, back in the dark ages, I walked 5 miles - no that would have been my grandparents - I walked 5 blocks to school every day, rain, snow or shine. We were not transported by school busses, a lot of families (like mine) did not have cars, so we walked, and walked, and walked. I don't remember schools closing due to weather, so either we got there or we didn't. I do remember schools closing early due to excessive heat, but not snow.

If I had boots, I don't remember them. I do know that if you got to school & your shoes were soaking wet, you got sent home. Do you know how many puddles there are in 5 blocks that must be walked through? Lots & lots & lots, not that I would deliberately walk through them. Oh no, not me. Another thing I didn't do, & that was button my coat. No, that wasn't stylish. (I still rarely button my coat, but of course I have a nice warm car & drive door to door.) Also I've learned to stay out of puddles. It ruins your shoes.

Memories from Eleanor


Sherry at the Zoo said...

Nice post mom. I remember having to walk to school when I was in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades (before they had buses). Rain or snow, sleet or rain, we walked. Kids today don't realize how easy they have it!

Kathy said...

Now, it would be the safety factor more than the weather factor that would keep most parents from letting their children walk. Too many cars and dangerous people, not too many sidewalks.

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Eleanor,

I came here from the link on Ruth's diaries. It's fun to see you blogging now.

In the 1950's my school was about a mile away. We had buses because there were no sidewalks and we had highways that were considered dangerous to cross. Looking back, we might have stayed warmer walking than standing on a corner in the wind.

Have fun and hang on to your coat!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose