Monday, March 10, 2008

kids & cats

Many centries ago when I had small children, I used to try to do small projects, sewing, painting, etc. (Sometimes I even tried to clean). Of course you know, with small children around you are always getting interrupted. Well, the small children grew up & don't usually interrupt me.

But one of the small children now lives in the same house as I do, with her hubby & 3kids. Along with hubby & 3 kids, came 3 dogs, (one of them mine), six cats, a bunny, a turtle & some geikos. (That doesn't include the pets who have passed on).

I'm in my room, peacefully working on a small landscape quilt, when along comes Peridot, one of the cats. She climbs up on the table & settles down right on top of my project. Never mind it is full of pins. Never mind I'm working on it. She settles down as if it is her right. So, what to do?

I decide to work on my computer instead, so I leave Peridot on my quilt & prepare to start typing. So, guess what happens? Peridot leaves the quilt, jumps on my desk, & settles down on my arms. Have you ever tried to type with a 10lb cat laying across your arms? (It makes them go to sleep).

I finally got her to move, but now I'm not in the mood, so I will try again later.

That's life in the Maine Woods


Kathy said...

Cats just like to be where the action is. Both of ours will stand right in front of the keyboard, wanting attention. When you actually want them to come and sit on your lap, they disappear.

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Peridot? I thought it was Diamond who is always tormenting you!

They love you! That's a compliment! Go with the flow...just go with the flow....