Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome to the Woods

Welcome to Maine Woods

You might be wondering how I came up with that name living all of my life in Indiana. At one time, I had five teenage children, 4 of them hormonal girls, with all their angst and tempers. I used to wonder if I ran away and lived in the woods of Maine if they would look for me or find me. It seemed like a peaceful place to live.
Now that we're all grown up (and we're still speaking to each other) I have to laugh at all the mayhem and chaos caused by 5 teenagers.
Now I've found my Maine Woods right here in Indiana in a little addition that I added onto the house where bedlam and chaos used to reign. I wouldn't' leave it voluntarily for anything.
My children have asked me to write down my memories from my childhood and theirs for posterity. So, here goes......


Sherry at the Zoo said...

OK Grandma...You're up and running....tell us about the earliest birthday you can remember.

Kathy said...

You should have a link to Grandma's diary. What would she say about her little girl having a blog on the internet? To her, a typewriter was such a modern convenience. I forwarded this to the three girls so they could read it. (They don't comment though, or haven't so far on any of the blogs.)

Carol said...

I need to get some pictures for you to post from "the good old days". And I'll be monitoring to make sure you don't tell any embarassing stories about me!