Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Birthday Party

Sherry (my youngest daughter) suggested I write about the first birthday I remember. Growing up, birthdays were not the big deal we make of them today. I always had a cake (never ice cream). If I got a gift it would have been small & simple. (One of my brothers always asked for cherry pie instead of a cake.)

However, one year (I may have been 9 or 10) my sister & her friend decided to give me a birthday party. The guests would have been my neighborhood friends. Since our mother was at work the luncheon was entirely in Marjories hands. I was forbidden to go into the kitchen duriing preparation, so all I heard was giggling & chatter. We had egg salad sandwiches, & I suppose, a cake.

I was told later (much later) that due to an accident, all the sandwiches ended up on the floor, egg salad down. The cooks scooped them up, replaced the egg salad (straight off the floor - picking out any dirt) & never said a word until years later. However, not a single guest got sick or suffered from less than perfect sandwiches. (Did the 2 second rule apply then. I think not. Besides it would have taken more than 2 seconds to put the sandwiches back together)

How often do you hear a confession from family years after the incident? I'm still learning things about things my 5 children did while growing up. Today it's funny. Had I known about it at the time, they would still be grounded. (lol).

I'm still new at blogging, so please bear with me till I get the hang of it.


Sherry at the Zoo said...

Nice post mom.

Didn't you know? You can no longer use the 2 second rule anymore because the germs are so much smartier, nastier, and resistant!

Birthdays seem to be escalating through the roof. Next thing you know, someone will be hiring animal entertainers to bring exotic creatures into their home just for a kid's birthday. Geesh!

Carol said...

Good job! That was nice of Marjorie to host a birthday part for you.

Laura said...

I think that you should write about how you met Grandpa and your wedding. I like to hear this kind of story since I am planning my own wedding now.